Our Mission Statement

Connect people with Nature

A recent Nature Conservancy poll finds only 10 percent of American teens experience the outdoors everyday. Scientists are publishing experiments which show nature allows our brains to rest and re-charge. And participants report they feel happier after time outdoors. One psychologist calls it “Nature Deficit Disorder”. We live and work at the Ranch for many reasons, but our connection to nature is one.

Connect People to our Past

Fewer Americans know anything about ranching or farming, or anyone who does it, than ever before in our history. We demonstrate daily 1880’s skills from Wyoming. We have a homeplace on the Willow Creek Ranch in Wyoming, due to the years Larry spent volunteering as a cowboy. We were blessed to be there before California and corporations bought the Old West. The Willow Creek is the true home of the “Hole in the Wall”. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid’s famous hideout. We bring to life outlaw history, the end of the “open range” in the West and tales of the Plains Indian who made homes on the Ranch.

Seventy-four Ranch is deeply embedded in Cherokee, Civil War and Moonshine War events. It sits on Cherokee land, it’s within site of the “Scarecorn Church Massacre” that stems from the War Between the States. And the Butler-Cape House was home to one of the most famous North Georgia lawmen, Lee Cape, who destroyed corn liquor stills during Prohibition, while some of his sons were making moonshine on our property. Our lodging is filled with rare antiques and artifacts. We use them in our story-telling.

Provide rest, relaxation, adventures and enjoyment for our guests.

There are many places to relax and many adventures we can create for you.