Meet our Horses

Blues Bengal Wonder

Bengal is in his prime, athletic, intelligent, loves attention. He has color and markings that are one in a million. (We are not showing the truly remarkable part. Come see for yourself.) Imprint-trained. Pam’s saddle horse. Dame: Hawks Blue Sue. Sire: Big Country Wonder.

Blues Emerald Wonder

Emma is a beautiful mahogany bay. Stately, intelligent, spirited. Larry’s saddle horse and one of our go-to cow horses. Imprint-trained. Dame: Hawks Blue Sue. Sire: Big Country Wonder.


Sorrel gelding. Handsome, intelligent, compliant. Pony Club show winner and jumper until he grew too large (and we were lucky enough to get him.)

Blues Sixote Sue

Our mare Blue’s first foal and Pam’s first saddle horse. Susie is a big, beautiful sorrel mare. She’s very well muscled and conformed. Imprint-trained. Sire was a regionally-known Wyoming performance horse.


Stunning Palomino mare, who won our hand Jake’s heart with looks, talent and speed. She is Eclipse’s half-sister.


Magnificent red dun. He’s our best all-around horse; a great trace and roping horse. Menny’s favorite.

Blues Dandy Eclipse

Born during a lunar eclipse. She is a great example of imprint-training. A smaller carbon-copy of her big sis Estralla.

Hawk’s Blue Sue

She and Larry have been together all her life (and once she saved his.) They rodeoed for 18 years and won several state championships and an invitation to the nationals in Guthrie, OK. She’s a deep mahogany bay and still looks like a body builder at her advanced age. Mother of Bengal, Emma, Susie and Eclipse.


Eye-catching paint with good manners.